Weekend Package


This is a 2-day package for families who need a solution for destination weddings or just want total coverage for their entire event...sound and music for the Rehearsal or Welcome dinner on a Friday followed by the Ceremony and Reception on Saturday, for example.  This is Adam's favorite package to offer, even though it takes him away from his family for a couple of days!  He gets to meet and work more closely with your family and friends as your special weekend commences.  Let's work out the details, especially the (travel/room/board) options, and make it happen.  This package includes any in-house options Adam can provide and fit in his van!

Rates Starting at $4000

Club Package


This is an all-inclusive, sound and lighting package for couples who want an EDM/House music focused groove on the dance floor by night’s end! In addition to full sound coverage with two 18” subwoofers and up to 4 wireless mics, Adam brings most of his lighting gear out for this package: 24 fixtures of DMX/wireless up-lighting (battery powered), to control the colors of your space throughout the event, moving head wash and spot fixtures and magnetic accent lighting for your cake or centerpieces. Pick one of the following options to be included for your event: A custom gobo projection of your monogram, custom slideshow production or Classic Karaoke.


Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $3000 / Mon-Thur $2500

Classic Package


This is the perfect package for those who want good sound coverage without all the glitz and glam of Adam's lighting gear. This package includes everything in the basic package, including a single 18” subwoofer and satellite speakers for filling big spaces, secondary areas or rooms, up to 2 wireless mics, enhanced dance floor lighting and a small portion of accent lighting if and where you want it!


Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $2500 / Mon-Thur $2000

Basic Package


This is as simple as it gets.  Adam will bring his simple DJ setup that includes a basic 2-speaker sound system, a single channel wireless handheld microphone and simple dance lighting.  But the planning process is a must for all packages, so from the FREE consultation to the Final Planning Meeting where we customize the soundtrack to your wedding, tap into the knowledge and experience Adam has to ensure a successful event!  


Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $2000 / Mon-Thur $1500

Wedding Ceremony Coverage


Need music and/or sound gear for your ceremony?  Customize the soundtrack to your ceremony with no gaps between songs or awkward silences - a seamless ceremony!  Includes 2 wireless mics as needed, including an ear set or lapel microphone for the officiant, one for the groom if necessary and/or perhaps a handheld mic for a reading or song.  


Add this option to any package for only $300.  Add 2 more mics for $150

Ask Adam about upgrades like Up-Lighting, Karaoke,
Silent Disco, Slide Show Production And Projection! 
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Ask about Discounts for events!!! If you don’t feel my pricing meets your budget but like what I have to offer, let’s work something out!               In the military? Want to pay in full up front? Want to pay in cash? SAVE! 


For any of the above, take 5% off.  For events on Holidays like Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and any Family Birthdays or Anniversaries, add 20%.


Notes Regarding All Events: + All Wedding Packages include a final planning meeting, face to face with Adam, whenever possible + Lighting options will always depend on available space at your venue and may require additional set up time. + All upgrades not included with packages have fixed costs – please let Adam know what you’re interested in and work out a solution!