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School Dances

Club Package


This is an all inclusive, sound, lighting package for students who love to dance to EDM/Top40/Hip-Hop and some classics sprinkled in!  It's for events where a 'vegas club feel' is the focus for the event space and the dance floor.  Big bass with extra Subwoofers, DMX/wireless up-lighting to control the colors throughout the event, moving head wash/spot fixtures on trussing or custom poles and other pin-spot and wash lighting are some of the options available.  Your fellow students worked hard this year, so reward them with a night they'll never forget! I usually bring an assistant or two, if not a guest DJ and sometimes an LD to make the magic happen with this package, so everything will go as flawless as possible to make your event a success.    

Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $6000 / Mon-Thur $8000

Classic Package


This is the perfect package for smaller school dances that don't need all the glitz and glam that's in the Club Package.  This package still includes a bigger sound system than the one in the Basic Package (subwoofers!), includes extra speakers (if necessary, wirelessly), simple dance lighting (no movers) and a touch of accent lighting where you need it (if necessary)!     

Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $2000/ Mon-Thur $1250


Basic Package


This is as simple as it gets.  Adam will bring his simple DJ setup that includes a wireless handheld microphone, one wired microphone, a basic 2-speaker sound system, and no lighting with this one.  Whether you want simple background music or Adam to mix up "random tunes" his way with short edits, remixes and fun upbeat music for a smaller crowd, this is the perfect package!

Fri - Sun Rates Starting at $1500 / Mon-Thur $750


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