"What can I say about Adam except that he is the MAN! His services were off the chain!"

I recently reached out to some event professional peers and here are words they used to describe me:


Reliable, Fun, Energetic, Funky, Irreverent, Smart, Responsive, Compassionate, Gregarious, Detailed, Nice...and even incredibly good looking!


Music is my passion and I love mixing it up creatively for my clients and their guests!   I love the process of putting a soundtrack together.  When I'm involved as an MC with events, I'm told I have a great voice (radio voice) and am good on the mic.  I've become quite polished after reading books, participating in Toastmasters and having lots of experience at events over the years. 


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Ask Adam about other options like Classic Karaoke, Silent Disco and Voice Overs & Custom Recording!


In addition to providing stage lighting at corporate events, up-lighting buildings for special occasions or utilizing various methods for logo/gobo displays to "highlight" the brand of the event (or sponsors) - Adam is glad to share his inventory for events when it's not being utilized by clients only needing his DJ/MC or sound services.  Whether complex or simple, lighting can be important for pictures, video and simply people, objects or areas being lit and needing to be seen in certain situations.   With his own inventory of battery powered, magnetic and even wirelessly controlled LED fixtures and various partners that include production managers, lighting designers & technicians, event designers and various lighting and production rental businesses - Adam has you covered. 


Take advantage of Adam's  experience and expertise, and ask about covering your event lighting needs!


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As you can see, Adam offers a variety of services for all sorts of events, even the occasional multiple-day event.  Some of these include corporate retreats, sales meetings, auctions or fundraisers, trade shows and then some!  Whether you need a solution for sound, music, microphones & amplification, content distribution for video (power point, seamless video switching, etc.) and various forms of lighting from stage washes to gobos, Adam loves helping with these production elements!  And whenever necessary, Adam brings in speccialized production managers, lighting designers, riggers and content creation specialists he has developed and maintained relationships with to provide large scale event production support, which even includes fulfilling performance artist riders!  When Adam isn't mixing tunes for dance floors, he's happy sitting behind a desk at events wearing 3 hats, sometimes all at once!:


!.  The Sound/Music Tech 

2.  The Lighting Tech 

3.  Video And Projection Specialist


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A/V - Audio Video

My goal is to get a high-five or a hug at the end of every event from my client(s)!  After DJing over 2000 events, including over 800 weddings, mixing tunes and doing all that's necessary to be a good MC at events comes naturally for me.  I love the gear that's associated with events I've beeen privelaged enough to be a part of, therefore I started an event lighting company (NW Event Lighting).  I have also been helping with more events that require Audio/Video support, including video projection and content mixing.  I do my best to ensure that I meet or exceed all client expectations.  I like to make sure that venues look good, proper music is played, at the right volume, people are heard and their presentations are seen.  I have become more than just a DJ in my career and I look forward to continuing my growth as a professional in the years to come.  Contact me today if you'd like to work with someone who has dedicated his life to this passion and provideyou with a quality service.