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In addition to providing stage lighting at corporate events, up-lighting buildings for special occasions or utilizing various methods for logo/gobo displays to "highlight" the brand of the event (or sponsors) - Adam has a small amount of lighting that can be utilized to enhance spaces or add color.  Whether complex or simple, lighting can be important for pictures, video and simply people, objects or areas being lit and needing to be seen in certain situations.  Most venues don't provide adequate lighting, one of many reasons Adam started NW Event Lighting.   With his own inventory of battery powered, magnetic and even wirelessly controlled LED fixtures and various partners that include production managers, lighting designers & technicians, event designers and various lighting and production rental businesses - Adam has you covered.  If he can't help you himself, he will most likely have a solution - minimally in the form of a referral to a reputable business he knows will take good care of you.  Take advantage of Adam's connections, experience and expertise, and ask about covering your event lighting needs!  Check out some of my lighting partners:  


Up-Lighting Solutions


Simply put, Adam is about full service solutions, and can provide the following...

Delivery, Setup, Tear Down and Pickup of as many fixtures as you need to color up your event.  DJ Package Upgrades start at $300, Lighting-Only Packages start at  $1500.  Up-Lighting is great for pictures and is a great fit for Weddings, Holidays at Restaurants, Birthdays, and many more events.  Need a custom bid, having an outdoor event or want to up-light a building?  Please contact Adam to discuss your needs!


Gobo / Monogram / Logo Solutions


Need your corporate logo or wedding monogram displayed like the bat signal at your event? No worries, Adam has solutions starting at only $500, 0r $300 as an add on to any DJ or Lighting package.   Adam utilizes LED gobo projectors or traditional ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal fixtures, depending on the venue, existing light, the space and needs. 

Please contact Adam today to discuss your needs!

Stage Lighting / Spot Lighting Solutions


Lighting up presenters, performers and other people or objects for events can be tricky sometimes, but there are a lot of solutions out there.  Simply ask Adam about what your event needs and most likely have a solution!  Some upgrades start at only $300!

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