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Click on the type of event you are organizing and if there's any more information you require, feel free to contact me.

Pricing FAQ - How do you determine your pricing?

In the many years I've been DJing, I've been able to create a lot of demand for myself. I'm told by many clients and other professionals in the industry that I'm the best DJ they've seen, heard or worked with. Therefore, the talent, experience, skills, expertise, cost of equipment, cost of insurance, cost of fuel, time invested into prepping for each event, the process I've put into place, etc. are all factors that determine my price. Plus, I am happy to customize packages based on your needs, so all I try to do is come up with a fair price for the solution I'm providing to you. I support my family with this business. I know what it takes to run successful events. I'm not the cheapest DJ out there, I know this. But I'm not the most expensive DJ, either - I am passionate about what I do and feel I provide good value to my clients no matter what the event is! I put in a lot of time, communication, travel, preparation and organization behind the scenes so you don't have to. And I always try to do what I can to exceed my clients' expectations.

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